Koool Kites (Canada) has a great part time business for you!

Koool Kites has had kids and adults earning $100, $200, $300 per day and more selling these unique kites from the roadside, parks and vacant lots close to shopping malls etc. A young female university student earned $15,000 during summer break.

"These Kites are selling for as high as $25.00 U.S. !"

The investment is minimal, no overhead and it's all cash. Don't delay contact us to-day and get started. To find out more about ordering go here.

Students! Pay Your Tuition!
We Guarantee Kite Sales.
If your first order doesn't sell out
in 60 days... we'll buy them back.

Great family fun!   Easy to Fly!

Watch the kite in action! - Click Here for the Video (5MB)


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