What are these fun and easy to fly kites?

An awesome Canadian Product, these Koool Kites come in a dazzling array of colors, and they have been mistaken for UFO's!

This rugged unique kite utilizes an aero-dynamic wing design which bisects a centered and balanced disc. As the breeze comes in contact with the wing it spins, lifting the kite off the ground with ease.

"Flies in only 5 mph of wind - no running, just toss
into the air and it's flying."

Here's another short video clip - Click Here

"Climbs fast and high, or flies low and steady."

Not only are they sharp looking, and easy to fly, but they are a snap to assemble. All Parts are included, including instructions and enough kite string to keep your customers happy! :-)

Watch the full video clip ( ** 12MB File ) - Click Here

"Can perform stunts with two-line set-up."


1. Slide the wing thru the slot in the disc, the stick side to match the center notch on the disc. Lock one wing notch on the disc center, then gently lock in the other wing notch. NOTE: FOR EXTRA STRENGTH YOU CAN USE WHITE GLUE TO HOLD THE KITE PARTS IN POSITION.

2. Insert one of the two tacks enclosed thru the middle hole in the bridle’s plastic bearing and gently push the tack into the hole at one end of the wing stick. ONLY HALF THE TACK SHOULD BE PRESSED INTO THE STICK. Do the same with the second tack and bearing at the other end of the wing stick.

3. Attach the swivel to the end of the kite string, then un-snap the swivel and attach it to the black plastic ring at the end of the bridle. Close the swivel snap and you are ready to fly your KOOOL KITE!


1. Hold the kite in one hand by the string until the wind starts it spinning, (you can help by giving it a short tug) then let out more line until the kites soars to the desired height.

2. Once the kite is airborne, it can be tied down to a fixed object and it will continue to fly.


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